A 27-year old woman was recently arrested on drunk driving charges after allegedly causing two automobile accidents. She was said to have been traveling the wrong way on a New Jersey bridge when the crashes occurred. One driver claimed that he almost lost his life when the woman almost hit him head-on; instead, he was hit by another vehicle. She is accused of drunk driving and related charges.

According to the report. the woman was allegedly so intoxicated that she could not even stand up. Police say she was also unable to answer some of the questions asked by them, instead collapsing to the ground. She supposedly did admit that she had a few sangrias before getting behind the wheel of her car. Police say that they were unable to give her a Breathalyzer test, and there was no report regarding her actual blood-alcohol levels.

The policeman who arrested the woman claims that she was sitting behind the wheel of her car, with the keys still in the ignition, when he arrived at the scene. He alleges that he smelled a strong odor of alcohol when he approached the car. The cop also states that the woman’s eyes were bloodshot and her speech was slurred. She was taken to the hospital, and then arrested on charges of DWI, reckless driving and more.

In the state of New Jersey and elsewhere, drunk driving is a serious offense. For anyone who has been arrested on DUI charges, having a criminal law attorney in his or her corner can be very helpful. Criminal lawyers can guide their clients through the criminal justice system while focused on securing the best possible result under the circumstances.

Source: silive.com, “Woman accused of driving drunk, wrong way in crashes on Goethals”, Maura Grunlund, March 27, 2017