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June 2017 Archives

Man charged in drug trafficking operation

A New Jersey man has been charged with heading a large-scale operation to distribute drugs in the area. A search warrant was executed by investigators in Gilbert County in an effort to put a stop to the alleged drug trafficking ring. A criminal complaint that was signed against the man claims that he had 11 pounds of marijuana on his property and 150 grams of hashish. He reportedly also had materials for packaging, which investigators allege indicates that he intended to distribute the drugs.

Legislation will help expunge criminal and juvenile charges

The governor of New Jersey recently made an announcement about legislation that will make it easier for those who have been in prison before to get a job. The bipartisan deal is a set of three bills designed to improve the chances that a former New Jersey inmates can get criminal and juvenile charges expunged from their records. These bills will strengthen the "ban the box" legislation from three years ago.

27 indicted on drug charges in heroin gang

The state's grand jury has indicted 27 people who have been accused of various gang-related activities. Among the accusations that have been made against them, there are several different drug charges for alleged involvement in the distribution of heroin. Of the 27, three are said to be "5-star generals" in the New Jersey Red Breed Gorillas, which is a set of the street gang known as Bloods.

Alleged armed robbery foiled by store patron

Reports are calling one person a Good Samaritan after he fought off an alleged armed robber. The incident took place this week at a convenience store in New Jersey, where an unarmed store patron claims to have stopped the armed robbery. The man says that he attacked the would-be robber and continued to fight with him until the authorities could take the man into custody.

Truancy issues in New Jersey schools sending kids to court

Chronic absenteeism has become a serious issue in several schools within the state. In fact, 10 schools in New Jersey have a truancy rate of 25 percent, with five of them having rates as high as 40 percent or more. The number of students who regularly miss class is not only up in high schools but in elementary schools as well.