The state’s grand jury has indicted 27 people who have been accused of various gang-related activities. Among the accusations that have been made against them, there are several different drug charges for alleged involvement in the distribution of heroin. Of the 27, three are said to be “5-star generals” in the New Jersey Red Breed Gorillas, which is a set of the street gang known as Bloods.

There were several of the state’s law enforcement agencies involved in the arrest of the alleged gang members. The team of investigators was part of a 10-month-long operation to try and lessen criminal activity and violence in the area. Supposedly, the team discovered that anyone other than gang members who sold drugs in that area was severely punished by the Red Gorillas. That information led to the operation.

Along with the alleged 5-star generals, 15 others were charged with first-degree gang criminality. Two were also charged with first-degree promoting of organized street crime. Each of those first-degree crimes could carry a 10- to 20-year prison sentence. Second-degree crimes can carry a minimum of three to five years. Several other drug charges were given to each of the 27 people.

An indictment is not proof of guilt, and all accused are considered to be innocent unless their guilt is proved in court. Anyone who is facing drug charges in the state of New Jersey has the right to consult with a criminal lawyer. This attorney can help advise the client on how to proceed with his or her case, and what would be the best way to receive the lightest sentence possible for the alleged crime.

Source:, “Charges Against 27 in Heroin Drug Network”, June 1, 2017