Reports are calling one person a Good Samaritan after he fought off an alleged armed robber. The incident took place this week at a convenience store in New Jersey, where an unarmed store patron claims to have stopped the armed robbery. The man says that he attacked the would-be robber and continued to fight with him until the authorities could take the man into custody.

The 26-year-old was taken into custody and given multiple charges, including robbery, assault and several weapons offenses. He is accused of entering a convenience store with a weapon and ordering three store clerks to lie on the floor. He was then attacked by another man who was in the store to make a purchase, according to the report.

The fight between the two men allegedly continued as the would-be robber pistol-whipped the store patron. The two men continued the battle through the front door of the store, where the accused reportedly dropped his weapon. When police arrived, the gun was said to have been on the ground, and both men had to be taken to the hospital for bruising and cuts to the face.

In New Jersey, armed robbery can be a serious charge. Those who find themselves facing criminal charges have the right to consult with a criminal law attorney who can advise him or her of their rights in regard to fighting the charges. The criminal lawyer can help a person decide the best way to move forward in order to receive the lightest possible sentence in his or her case.

Source:, “WATCH: Wawa customer tackles armed gunman before cops arrive”, Bill Duhart, June 7, 2017