A New Jersey man has been charged with heading a large-scale operation to distribute drugs in the area. A search warrant was executed by investigators in Gilbert County in an effort to put a stop to the alleged drug trafficking ring. A criminal complaint that was signed against the man claims that he had 11 pounds of marijuana on his property and 150 grams of hashish. He reportedly also had materials for packaging, which investigators allege indicates that he intended to distribute the drugs.

All of the evidence was gathered from a detached garage outside of the home of the accused. He was charged with the first degree counts of maintaining and operating a facility to produce drugs and with heading a drug trafficking ring. He also faces second-degree charges of manufacturing and distributing drugs and conspiracy.

There were several other people charged in this case. It is unclear whether any evidence proves that the man actually placed the evidence in his garage or if it was placed there by someone else. All of the others have been released pending their court appearances, but the man is still in custody.

For those who have been arrested on drug trafficking charges in New Jersey, it is possible that a criminal lawyer can help. In cases where there is no proof that the evidence belonged to the accused, some cases may even be thrown out. In other cases, the criminal law attorney may be able to show the accused the best course of action to take in order to receive a lighter sentence.

Source: nj.com, “Man charged with leading drug trafficking network from garage”, Matt Gray, June 14, 2017