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July 2017 Archives

Doctor accused of drug distribution

A 53-year-old doctor has been arrested in the state after being accused of running a prescription medicine pipeline. The man allegedly had patients driving from all over New Jersey to get refills on pain and other medications. He is now facing charges of drug distribution and more.

Driver charged with DUI after crashing BMW

A driver has been accused of driving under the influence after crashing a BMW into the side of a neighborhood Target. According to the report, the crash allegedly left a hole in the cinder block wall on the exterior of the building. This supposedly caused a great deal of damage to the expensive vehicle. The New Jersey man now faces DUI and other charges after police claim that he had used heroin before climbing behind the wheel of the vehicle.

Police bust alleged multimillion-dollar drug trafficking ring

According to police, a recent investigation led them to a much larger bust than they anticipated. The New Jersey State Police, along with local authorities, claim to have exposed a multimillion-dollar drug trafficking ring. That discovery resulted in the arrests of four suspects and the seizure of millions of dollars in suspected illegal substances.

101 suspects arrested for underage drinking and drug charges

One county's police department recently reported a large number of juveniles who were taken into custody. According to the report, 101 underage people were arrested in New Jersey on underage drinking and drug charges, along with several adults. The suspects were residents of several different states.