One county’s police department recently reported a large number of juveniles who were taken into custody. According to the report, 101 underage people were arrested in New Jersey on underage drinking and drug charges, along with several adults. The suspects were residents of several different states.

The county had conducted a program designed to seek out potential underage drinkers and drug users earlier in the month. It was the 25th anniversary of the program known as We Check for 21. Police explain that the program is designed to stop juveniles from buying alcohol in taverns or in package stores.

Another program that was in place recently was the Card & Count Turn Away initiative. This was the 15th anniversary of that campaign, which usually runs during Memorial Day Weekend. Liquors stores document and report the number of juveniles who attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages and are turned away. During that time, 190 underage individuals allegedly tried to buy alcohol from these stores.

For those juveniles who are accused of buying, possessing or drinking alcohol in a public place, place of assembly, public conveyance, or school, there are possible fines of up to $500. If the alleged crime happened in a vehicle, the suspect could also have to wait as much as six extra months to legally drive. If the individual is under 17 years of age, the license suspension will begin on the date the court imposes the sentence and will continue for six months after the individual turns 17.

Anyone who is arrested and taken into custody for underage drinking or drug charges could benefit from speaking with a criminal law attorney. This lawyer can attempt to have any charges against the suspect dropped or at least reduced. Residents of New Jersey who have been accused of these crimes may choose to consult with the criminal law attorney to seek out the best defense possible.

Source:, “Wildwood Arrests 101 For Underage Possession”, Al Campbell, June 27, 2017