A 53-year-old doctor has been arrested in the state after being accused of running a prescription medicine pipeline. The man allegedly had patients driving from all over New Jersey to get refills on pain and other medications. He is now facing charges of drug distribution and more.

According to the authorities, an investigation by the state uncovered the doctor’s alleged deeds. The investigation was known as Operation Oxy Highway because it supposedly created a pipeline for Oxycodone that went down the parkway. The attorney general of New Jersey says that the doctor wrote as many as 413 prescriptions for just 30 people in one county, a total of 50,000 pills. According to statistics, eight out of every 10 people who are addicted to heroin started off with prescriptions for opioids.

The doctor was arrested on 16 other charges as well as drug distribution. He is accused of conspiring with as many as 16 other individuals — who were also charged — to sell the pharmaceuticals. Officials in the state have begun cracking down on drug crimes as the death rate for overdoses becomes more out of control.

Anyone who is facing drug distribution or other drug charges in the state of New Jersey may choose to consult with a criminal law attorney. This type of lawyer can instruct the accused in how to plan the best defense possible for his or her case. While not all accused can be found not guilty, having a criminal lawyer can help increase the chances of a better outcome in court.

Source: nj.com, “N.J. doctor fueled painkiller pipeline down Garden State Parkway, AG says”, S.P. Sullivan, July 19, 2017