A driver has been accused of driving under the influence after crashing a BMW into the side of a neighborhood Target. According to the report, the crash allegedly left a hole in the cinder block wall on the exterior of the building. This supposedly caused a great deal of damage to the expensive vehicle. The New Jersey man now faces DUI and other charges after police claim that he had used heroin before climbing behind the wheel of the vehicle.

The report states that the man was discovered in the car at the scene of the accident. He was said to have been unconscious at the time. He was attended to by Emergency Medical Service workers, who helped him to recover by administering the drug Narcan. He was then taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated. He remained in police custody during that transfer.

Police claim to have learned that the man had taken in a large amount of heroin while he was near a donut shop in the area. It is unclear how that information was obtained. He was then seen on surveillance tapes stopping in the parking lot of a daycare nursery and then speeding up to cross a road, almost hitting two other cars. He is charged with driving under the influence in a school zone, along with reckless driving and careless driving.

In the state of New Jersey, a DUI can be a serious charge. Those who are facing charges for driving while under the influence of heroin or other drugs may choose to consult with a criminal lawyer. This attorney can help the client choose the best defense in his or her case.

Source: Caldwells, NJ. Patch, “BMW Crashes Into Essex County Target Store; Driver Charged With DUI”, Eric Kiefer, July 11, 2017