According to police, a recent investigation led them to a much larger bust than they anticipated. The New Jersey State Police, along with local authorities, claim to have exposed a multimillion-dollar drug trafficking ring. That discovery resulted in the arrests of four suspects and the seizure of millions of dollars in suspected illegal substances.

According to the report, three of the suspects were initially arrested after police claim to have intercepted a drug deal that was transpiring in a parking lot. At that time, 40 kilos of heroin was allegedly confiscated. The next day, police conducted a raid at which 80 kilos of heroin, 3 suspected kilos of fentanyl, 50,000 tablets of Percocet, and 3 kilos of methamphetamine were said to have been found, along with paraphernalia that would suggest distribution. The heroin alone was said to be worth almost $10 million.

The first three suspects are from Mexico and Arizona, while the fourth is from Willingboro. While the first three are awaiting trial in the Hudson County Jail, the other suspect is said to be at the Burlington County Jail. All of the suspects are over the age of 21.

It is unclear exactly what led police to make the initial bust in the parking lot. While drug trafficking, especially a large operation such as this, is a serious charge in New Jersey, it can be beneficial to hire a knowledgeable and experienced criminal law attorney. This type of lawyer knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and can help the accused to make the best possible decision on how to proceed with his or her defense.

Source:, “State Police bust multimillion dollar drug operation”, Daniel J Munoz, July 1, 2017