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August 2017 Archives

12 facing drug charges in Jersey Shore heroin bust

According to a report from the United States Attorney's Office, 12 people have been accused of drug trafficking after a DEA sweep at the Jersey Shore. Those arrested were said to have been transporting a large amount of heroin from another state into New Jersey during the Summer. They are now all facing drug charges.

New Jersey man faces DUI charges

A man in Hopatcong is facing serious charges following an accident police believe was caused by intoxication on his part. The 27-year-old New Jersey resident is suspected of having ingested medication of some type, though police say they have yet to determine whether the medication was prescribed to him. He is facing a DUI charge, but no court date has been announced at this time. 

Ban on life sentences for juvenile crime has far-reaching effects

The United States Supreme Court decided in January to expand a ban on mandatory life without parole for over 2000 under-aged offenders who were already serving these sentences. This decision has affected those convicted of a juvenile crime in New Jersey and many other states by causing lawyers to look at these cases differently. Now, the logic of this decision is prompting courts to look differently at other cases as well.

Borough pays man $35,000 for false arrest in DUI case

One man has been paid $35,000 after he sued the borough because of a false drinking and driving accusation. The man's suit showed that he had been falsely accused of the DUI charge back in 2014, after the police in Manasquan, New Jersey made the arrest. He filed in 2015, citing violations of his civil rights, malicious prosecution, and false arrest. 

Man arrested in New Jersey for 30-year-old drug charges

According to authorities, a man has been arrested in the state for something that he was accused of three decades ago. The United States Marshals are said to have apprehended the man, who has allegedly been on the run since the 1980's, in New Jersey. He was wanted on federal drug charges in another state.