According to a report from the United States Attorney’s Office, 12 people have been accused of drug trafficking after a DEA sweep at the Jersey Shore. Those arrested were said to have been transporting a large amount of heroin from another state into New Jersey during the Summer. They are now all facing drug charges.

Of the 12 who are suspected of trafficking heroin, only 11 have been arrested. The last person remains on the run from police at this time. He is a 48-year-old man who has not yet been named in the indictment. The other 11 were named in federal court in the state of which they are accused of transporting the drugs. All of them were charged with conspiracy to distribute and some were given more charges.

Several locations in the state were raided by authorities before the arrests were made. Of the 11 arrested and charged, one was placed into state custody on state charges but will be transferred into federal custody at a later time. The others have been placed in federal custody. Many of them were accused of not only transporting heroin but also of distributing, storing, packaging and obtaining the drug.

For those who are facing drug charges in New Jersey, it could be beneficial to speak with a criminal law attorney. Such a lawyer can help an accused understand his or her rights and will know how to defend a client against the charges. While not all charges can be dropped in every case, the accused could face lesser charges in some cases with an attorney’s help.

Source:, “Jersey Shore heroin: 12 face charges after DEA sweep”, Katie Park, Aug. 15, 2017