According to authorities, a man has been arrested in the state for something that he was accused of three decades ago. The United States Marshals are said to have apprehended the man, who has allegedly been on the run since the 1980’s, in New Jersey. He was wanted on federal drug charges in another state.

The report states that the Columbian national was 68 years old and apparently had at least one alias. His arrest stemmed from charges that were filed in 1987 for failure to appear in court for possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. The marshals had spent years looking across many states for the man.

Earlier in 2017, however, the authorities reportedly received a tip that led them to believe the man may be living in New Jersey under an assumed name. Contact was made with this man by the marshals on July 18, and he denied that he was the man that they were looking for. His fingerprints allegedly confirmed that he was, indeed, the fugitive that the marshals had sought for 30 years.

Anyone who has been arrested and is facing drug charges in New Jersey or elsewhere may decide that he or she could benefit from the help of a criminal law attorney. Especially when someone has been sought on charges that are several years old, there could be many issues with the case that could lead to a lighter sentence or dropped charges. A knowledgeable criminal lawyer who understands the state laws regarding old drug charges will be able to fight for the best outcome possible for the client.

Source: The Washington Post, “Marshals arrest drug suspect after 30-year fugitive hunt”, July 31, 2017