A car accident resulted in a woman being accused of drunk driving and possibly using marijuana. In New Jersey, a woman was rear-ended while driving, and she quickly became the accused instead of the victim. She is accused of drunk driving and smoking marijuana.

The woman, who had remained calm throughout the interrogation, insisted repeatedly that she had no pot in her vehicle. The police officer then invoked a warrantless search of her car, claiming to have probable cause to do so under New Jersey case law. After a heated, verbal altercation with police, she allowed her car to be searched. She was again asked about marijuana, and at this point, she asked to call her attorney. Police car video shows the woman complying with officers. 

She appears visibly shaken because of the car accident, and the fact that it was the middle of the night. She was handcuffed and arrested for obstruction for refusing a field sobriety test. Later, she submitted to blood tests at a local hospital that apparently showed no marijuana and scant traces of alcohol in her system. The woman claims that the police overreacted to the smell of a cigar, and mistook it for marijuana. 

Drunk driving charges are serious in New Jersey, but everyone is presumed innocent until — and only if — they are convicted in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. Being wrongfully accused of drunk driving can have devastating effects on everyone involved. Families have been torn apart, jobs have been lost and finances drained. Any individual facing DUI or marijuana charges would benefit from the experience of a highly trained criminal attorney to guide them.

Source: trentonian.com, “Dash cam footage of NJ Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg shows a justifiably angry woman”, Jeff Edelstein, Sept. 19, 2017