June will go on record as the month with the largest drug bust ever in New Jersey history. Police responded to an alleged drug exchange on June 28 in a New Jersey parking lot. Over 45 kilos of the deadly synthetic drug fentanyl was seized. Several people have been arrested and are facing drug charges.

Authorities claim that the seizure netted enough lethal doses to kill the populations of both New York and New Jersey. The amount of drugs seized was so large that police originally thought it was heroin, but it was found to be fentanyl. The drug fentanyl can be 50 times more powerful, and it has been associated with the increase in overdoses across the country. One dose of the drug could be deadly, and this drug cache of fentanyl netted 18 million doses – all of which could be potentially lethal.

Allegedly three men were indicted on June 28 with conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute. The following day, the home of one of the men arrested was raided, and additional drugs were supposedly found. Police found suspected narcotics and claim the other substances found are used as cutting agents for drugs.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Experts agree that opioid addiction may respond better to treatment than imprisonment, and a person who is arrested on drug charges is entitled to the best possible defense. A knowledgeable criminal attorney in New Jersey will be able to build the best possible defense strategy for the situation.

Source: nj.com, “4 indicted after ‘largest fentanyl bust’ in N.J. history”, S.P. Sullivan, Sept. 29, 2017