An undercover sting operation allegedly resulted in charges being filed against 13 people. The sting supposedly targeted illegal drug and heroin sales according to the Hunterdon County Prosecutor. The increasing overdose numbers in New Jersey has undercover agents focusing on drug distribution rings. Authorities claim that Operation Downtown Shutdown targets those who are selling drugs.

Eleven people from age 21 to 53 have been arrested, and are allegedly being indicted with crimes ranging from distribution to conspiracy. Most of those charged are from the Hunterdon County area. Authorities also claim that two additional people have supposedly been charged, but they have not yet been arrested.

Deaths from overdoses are rising at disturbing rates, and families are being destroyed because of this epidemic. Police admit that the drug problem is not their fight alone, and they continue to work with partners to arrest drug distributors. Experts claim that as the supply of prescription drugs runs out, some migrate towards heroin. Low cost and easy access make it appealing, and product purity claims responsibility for the high overdose numbers.

Addiction knows no boundaries, and no one is immune to the crisis, according to authorities. Experts agree that continued education and treatment may be the best defense in combating drug abuse. If someone is arrested for alleged drug distribution in New Jersey, it may be in his or her best interest to contact an expert criminal defense attorney. Having a lawyer with first-hand experience in addictions will be able to provide advice and build the best treatment and defense options available.

Source:, “13 charged with drug distribution in Operation Downtown Shutdown”, Craig Turpin, Oct. 3, 2017