After a five-month investigation, a large distribution ring has been shut down, resulting in charges against 20 people. Allegedly, the arrests helped bring down a group supposedly supplying Somerset, Middlesex and Bergen counties with Oxycodone pills, heroin, methamphetamine and a wide array of firearms. In New Jersey, investigators called this drug distribution ring Operation Birdcage.

Allegedly, police seized over 2,000 bags of heroin, a kilo of cocaine, a host of pills and marijuana with an estimated street value of over $300,000. Nine vehicles were seized, along with almost $100,000 in cash and 19 firearms, ranging from assault weapons to handguns and rifles. Police also confiscated an assortment of drug manufacturing equipment.

Supposedly, the group faces charges of narcotics trafficking, promoting street crime, possession intending to distribute and conspiracy, along with a host of gun charges and financial facilitation. Police and prosecutors from various counties, the New Jersey State Police and U.S. Postal Inspector contributed to the investigation. The Drug Enforcement Administration in New Jersey also enlisted help from Houston, Texas, and Greenville, South Carolina, law enforcement agencies to seal the sting.

The drug epidemic is a constant battle. Every day, countless people fall victim to the lure of street drugs. Drug charges are a serious offense, and everyone is innocent until proved otherwise in a court of law. In New Jersey, it may be in one’s best interest to retain an expert criminal attorney with a solid history of defending those accused of drug distribution. A well-informed lawyer will assist one through the legal process and present the best possible defense for all involved.

Source:, “20 charged in Central Jersey drug, gun distribution ring”, Craig Turpin, Nov. 9, 2017