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December 2017 Archives

Street sign accident yields drunk driving charges

A police officer patrolling early one Saturday morning was shocked when he spotted a strange sight. The officer reported that he was traveling west on Route 46 when he saw a black sedan with a traffic sign lodged in its sunroof. The driver appeared to be disoriented and intoxicated when she pulled into a parking lot. In New Jersey and every other state, drunk driving can lead to serious consequences.

Could a shoplifting charge keep you from joining the military?

Joining the U.S. military may be a tradition in your New Jersey family or a goal of your teenager. Having the opportunity to serve the country and perhaps earn the ability to pay for a college education could be alluring to both you and your teen. The problem is that seemingly harmless teenage transgressions such as shoplifting could cause problems during the enlistment process.

Drug distribution ring ends in 105 arrests

Authorities announced that over 100 people had been charged in an alleged heroin and cocaine bust. State police claim some of those arrested are responsible for operating a massive drug distribution organization in New Jersey. Experts agree that thousands of lives are being lost to the opioid epidemic, and New Jersey police have no intention of slowing in their efforts to stop the rising death toll from drugs.