A police officer patrolling early one Saturday morning was shocked when he spotted a strange sight. The officer reported that he was traveling west on Route 46 when he saw a black sedan with a traffic sign lodged in its sunroof. The driver appeared to be disoriented and intoxicated when she pulled into a parking lot. In New Jersey and every other state, drunk driving can lead to serious consequences.

The driver, a 52-year-old woman from Hawthorne, allegedly failed police-administered field sobriety and Breathalyzer tests. The woman was unaware of the sign protruding from her sunroof even though there was glass covering the interior and top of her car. The steel sign was just a few inches away from the driver’s seat, and the results could have been devastating.

Supposedly, the women had been drinking in Secaucus, which is about eight miles away from where she stopped. South Hackensack police believe the woman picked the sign up somewhere in the Secaucus area. It is still a mystery to law enforcement how the sign became embedded in the sunroof. She has been charged with careless driving and driving while intoxicated.

In New Jersey, the consequences for drunk driving are unyielding. Hefty fines imposed can cause financial hardship, and courts may also order drivers to have ignition interlock devices installed, costing them hundreds of additional dollars each month. Those facing charges such as these may benefit from enlisting the help of a criminal defense attorney. A lawyer with experience in defending those accused of drunk driving can help determine the best approach to take in responding to formal accusations.

Source: nypost.com, “Drunk driver had no idea transit sign was stuck in her car”, Dec. 6, 2017