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Man arrested on property crimes for vandalism at 5 churches

A recent series of events had New Jersey officials wondering if there was a hate crime conspiracy taking place. Five African-American churches in Morris County were vandalized over the past weekend, according to police. There would of course appear to be no coincidence in the serial commission of such property crimes, all coming closely in time and place.

Alleged armed robbery foiled by store patron

Reports are calling one person a Good Samaritan after he fought off an alleged armed robber. The incident took place this week at a convenience store in New Jersey, where an unarmed store patron claims to have stopped the armed robbery. The man says that he attacked the would-be robber and continued to fight with him until the authorities could take the man into custody.

What should I do if the police ask about a friend?

Let's say the police knock on your door with a search warrant for your roommate. You grant them entry. They search the premises, and your roommate is nowhere to be found. The police also question you about the whereabouts of your roommate and you tell them you have no idea where he is, even though you know that he is hiding out at a friend's place. The police leave. You, being a good friend, call your roommate and let him know what just happened.

Basic mistakes could cost you dearly when speaking with police

Almost everyone gets nervous when stopped by a police officer. During such encounters, you may be tempted to talk your way out of being ticketed or arrested. And while it is best if you are able to remain on as cordial terms as possible, you don't want to say or do anything self-incriminating. You need to remember that you have rights and as such, your cooperativeness does not have to extend to the point of hurting your own cause.

A domestic violence conviction could harm your custody rights

All relationships have their difficult moments. But sometimes tempers can get out of hand, and an argument can escalate past the yelling and screaming stage. And if you and your significant other should ever become involved in a physical altercation, it is possible that you could end up facing domestic violence charges.

What factors do judges take into account during sentencing?

If you are ever charged with a crime, your case may end up in court where you will stand trial. While a jury will determine your innocence or guilt, it is the judge that will have the final word regarding your sentence. Each criminal act has a prescribed range of potential punishments, but the judge will decide where he or she believes a specific criminal's punishment should fall within that prescribed range.

Just a couple of traffic tickets could cause you major headaches

Anyone can have a run of bad luck. Let's say you don't have a traffic ticket for ages and then one day you get one for speeding. This, in and of itself, is typically no big deal. But what happens if that ticket is quickly followed by another for another moving violation? Within a very brief period of time, you have gone from a spotless record to having two traffic tickets. You are not only facing fines but thanks to New Jersey's point system, you may be getting precariously close to having your driving privileges suspended.

What is the difference between assault and battery?

Although the terms assault and battery are usually used interchangeably, they differ in many ways. Like the definition of most criminal charges, assault and battery are interpreted differently from state to state. Essentially, for either an assault or battery to have been committed, a person must have physically hit, tried to hit or threatened someone else.

Protect your rights with a strong defense attorney

Everyone deserves a strong and capable criminal defense. No matter what the allegations against you are, working with an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you protect your rights and defend your reputation from harmful and life-altering damage. Regardless of your crime, you are given the constitutional right to legal representation and with an experienced attorney, your rights always come first.