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Drunk Driving Archives

Street sign accident yields drunk driving charges

A police officer patrolling early one Saturday morning was shocked when he spotted a strange sight. The officer reported that he was traveling west on Route 46 when he saw a black sedan with a traffic sign lodged in its sunroof. The driver appeared to be disoriented and intoxicated when she pulled into a parking lot. In New Jersey and every other state, drunk driving can lead to serious consequences.

Drunk driving accident shatters utility pole

The penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol can be severe and may include hefty fines and possible jail time. Sometimes, courts recommend suspension of driving privileges and mandate those convicted of such offenses to attend alcohol education programs. In New Jersey and in every other state, those caught drunk driving can expect harsh penalties.

Women killed in drunk driving crash

A devastating crash claimed the life of a woman crossing the street on her way to a local drug store. The accident happened on Sept. 22, 2017, at about 8:15 p.m. at the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and Broadway in New Jersey. Police did not indicate whether speed was a factor in the crash. Allegedly, charges of drunk driving, as well as reckless and careless driving, are being filed against the driver.

Drunk driving charges filed in New Jersey

Police in New Jersey report that they arrested a man after his vehicle jumped a curb and he became belligerent while in custody. The man has been charged with drunk driving, and he may also face additional charges for refusing a field Breathalyzer test, reckless and careless driving. It was reported that he allegedly asked police to shoot him.

Man faces drunk driving charges

A man crashed his four-door sedan into a concrete structure in the parking lot of a restaurant on Oct. 1. According to authorities, the man panicked while turning onto River Styx Road near the parking lot of the Pavinici Italian Grill in Hopatcong, New Jersey. Allegedly, he will face drunk driving charges. 

New Jersey woman steamrolled during drunk driving stop

A car accident resulted in a woman being accused of drunk driving and possibly using marijuana. In New Jersey, a woman was rear-ended while driving, and she quickly became the accused instead of the victim. She is accused of drunk driving and smoking marijuana.

Charges filed following alleged drunk driving crash

Two families are suffering tragic losses because of an accident that police say was caused by a drunk driver. Law enforcement reports that a 31-year old woman has died and a 20-year-old man is behind bars, the result of supposed drunk driving. At last report, he was being held at a New Jersey jail pending a hearing in criminal court.

New Jersey man faces DUI charges

A man in Hopatcong is facing serious charges following an accident police believe was caused by intoxication on his part. The 27-year-old New Jersey resident is suspected of having ingested medication of some type, though police say they have yet to determine whether the medication was prescribed to him. He is facing a DUI charge, but no court date has been announced at this time. 

Borough pays man $35,000 for false arrest in DUI case

One man has been paid $35,000 after he sued the borough because of a false drinking and driving accusation. The man's suit showed that he had been falsely accused of the DUI charge back in 2014, after the police in Manasquan, New Jersey made the arrest. He filed in 2015, citing violations of his civil rights, malicious prosecution, and false arrest. 

Driver charged with DUI after crashing BMW

A driver has been accused of driving under the influence after crashing a BMW into the side of a neighborhood Target. According to the report, the crash allegedly left a hole in the cinder block wall on the exterior of the building. This supposedly caused a great deal of damage to the expensive vehicle. The New Jersey man now faces DUI and other charges after police claim that he had used heroin before climbing behind the wheel of the vehicle.