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Juvenile Crime Archives

New Jersey student faces juvenile charges of drug possession

The juvenile court system differs from the adult court system on many levels, including possible punishments and the long term effects charges may have on anyone found guilty in a court of law. However, there may still be serious consequences for people arrested on juvenile charges especially when it comes to any kind of drug charges. A New Jersey teen was recently arrested, as drugs were allegedly seen on him while he was at school.

Juvenile charges filed against New Jersey teen driver

Teen drivers have a much higher accident rate for a variety of reasons including inexperience, even when they have the best of intentions or never strive to act recklessly. However, even with the best intentions when a teen is behind the wheel, accidents happen. In a recent teen car accident case, the 17-year-old New Jersey boy is facing juvenile charges related to the accident.

New Jersey teens face criminal juvenile charges

What started out as an attempted minor traffic stop has led to a number of charges against a few area teenagers. The New Jersey teens face juvenile charges stemming from a quick car chase after police tried to pull over a vehicle in which three people were riding. Two of the occupants were placed under arrest, and one is still being sought by police.

4 face juvenile charges after New Jersey crime spree

A recent crime spree in New Jersey has led to the arrest of five individuals. Newark police say four of the suspects face juvenile charges and the fifth individual is an adult. For the four juveniles involved, the weight of the charges can carry heavy consequences if a conviction is ultimately achieved, even though they are still juveniles.

Will 2 New Jersey teens be certified as adults for sex crimes?

Two New Jersey teenagers are facing criminal charges in connection with a juvenile crime. The two allegedly committed the offense when they were 17 years old, but there will soon be a hearing to determine if they will be tried as adults. The juvenile crime occurred in last fall, but went unreported until May of this year. The two were arrested in August and have been held in a juvenile detention center since then.

Juvenile charges or worse for New Jersey teen accused of arson?

A mental health evaluation has been ordered for a 15-year-old girl from New Jersey charged in connection to a fire that was set in her home while her family slept. Described as a sweet girl and good student, the teenager faces serious charges that may extend beyond juvenile charges. So far, she has been charged with six counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated arson. Her first court appearance was in a juvenile court.

Juvenile crime: 5 New Jersey children accused of school burglary

Five New Jersey children were charged with burglary in a recent case of juvenile crime. The alleged juvenile crime was first reported when surveillance video allegedly showed that five juveniles had been burglarizing a custodian's closet. The five children have since been charged with burglary and theft and released to their parents as they await action in Juvenile Court.

Court ends mandatory life sentences without parole for juveniles

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that it is unconstitutional for states to impose mandatory sentencing of life in prison without the possibility of parole in juvenile criminal trials. The decision further emphasizes the approach that many courts have consistently taken in regard to juvenile crime; previous rulings eliminated the possibility of child offenders receiving a death sentence for their crimes. The court had also previously halted sentences of life without the possibility of parole in cases in which the crime did not result in killing .

Those charged with juvenile crimes benefit from state program

For those who are dealing with juvenile crime issues, there is positive news. In New Jersey, the daily population in juvenile detention centers was 54.8 percent smaller in 2011 than what is was in 2010. Furthermore, 446 fewer children are held in secure detention for a juvenile crime per day as compared to the 2010 figures. These lowered numbers are in part due to the successful implementation of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative.

Juvenile charges filed after accident results in boy's death

Juvenile charges have been filed in a recent tragic accident in New Jersey which occurred when a 14-year-old boy allegedly shot his 12-year-old half-brother while playing with a pistol. The shooting reportedly occurred inside their home late last month. The victim's body was purportedly dragged out to a neighborhood sidewalk, where he was found by a neighbor. Most recently, the teenager turned himself in to authorities and now faces juvenile charges of manslaughter.