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Man pleads guilty in New Jersey court to child porn charges

Law enforcement officials will go to great lengths to locate and prosecute individuals who are in possession of child pornography. But recently, a story has come to light that indicates that members of a federal agency are taking their investigative techniques to a new and controversial level.

New Jersey offers steep penalties for child porn convictions

Any and all charges related to child pornography are extremely serious. Because acts involving child pornography are considered acts of child exploitation, there are both federal and state laws aimed at convicting those connected to its production, distribution and possession.

Halloween can create problems for paroled sex offenders

If you have been convicted of a sex crime and now have to register with your local sex offender registry, you are likely well aware of the limitations and requirements that have been placed on your life. And while at times, the way in which laws are applied may not seem fair, it is still very important you abide by them. To do otherwise could result in very serious consequences, including incarceration.

Recent New York policy demonstrates fear of sex offenders

If you are convicted of a sex crime, you may have to serve a prison sentence and, after being paroled, sign in at the local sex registry. This means that even if you have served your time, your personal life will still be under a microscope and your movements will be monitored.

New Jersey child pornography crackdown results in 40 arrests

Recently, New Jersey law enforcement authorities executed a series of arrests across the state in connection with an investigation being carried out to capture alleged possessors of child pornography. Forty individuals, reportedly all men ages 20 to 72, were arrested on a variety of charges that included possession of videos and images featuring children engaged in sexual activities and for possession of child pornography.

Charges of sexual relations with students serious for teachers

Teaching young people can be a very rewarding way to earn a living. But teachers are also vulnerable in regard to the relationships they establish with their students. And sometimes, the nature of a teacher's personal interaction with a student may come into question.

Is it possible to recover from false rape allegations?

Criminal allegations of any kind have the power to destroy a person's life, but none more than allegations of sex crimes. When an individual is accused of rape, it may feel as though they are already considered guilty by the public. However, when rape allegations turn out to be false, the accused may be surprised to find out that their exoneration does not necessarily change public opinion. Unfortunately, for many, it may never be possible to fully recover from false rape allegations.

Sex offenders' information submitted to national database

Receiving a conviction for any serious crime can profoundly impact the course of your life. But in most situations, after serving your time in prison and on probation, you typically have the right to live your life free of interference from the authorities. But this is usually not the case for those convicted of sex crimes.

Sex offenders have a very low rate of recidivism

Those who have been convicted of sex crimes typically must pay a very steep price for a long period of time. Even if they spend time incarcerated, once they are allowed to rejoin society they are still closely monitored by the authorities. A convicted sex offender must report to his or her local sex offender registry for years or even for the duration of their life.