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Teacher strikes plea deal regarding sex crimes in New Jersey

The relationship between a teacher and a minor student should be based upon trust. Parents send their children to school with a belief that teachers will ensure their children are safe from harm. However, sometimes a teacher makes a mistake and violates this trust. This seems to be what happened with one woman teacher who was recently charged with sex crimes in New Jersey.

Juvenile charges filed against New Jersey teen driver

Teen drivers have a much higher accident rate for a variety of reasons including inexperience, even when they have the best of intentions or never strive to act recklessly. However, even with the best intentions when a teen is behind the wheel, accidents happen. In a recent teen car accident case, the 17-year-old New Jersey boy is facing juvenile charges related to the accident.

Over 2 dozen face drug charges in New Jersey raids

Often, a drug sting or investigation leading up to a raid can result in the arrest of multiple individuals. However, a New Jersey raid recently resulted in the arrest of over two dozen individuals at once. They face numerous drug charges, alongside an even larger group of other recently arrested individuals that are allegedly part of a heroin ring.

Search leads to drug charges against New Jersey man

If someone is the focus of an undercover investigation, they typically may have no idea they are being watched or that a search warrant can be coming at any time. For a 40-year-old New Jersey man, a two-month investigation and search warrant issued as a result led to drug charges being filed against him. The police contend the man had been selling drug from his home.

New Jersey man is jailed on sexual assault charges

For one young man, the escalation of conversations with a minor online may have potentially severe legal consequences. The 20-year-old New Jersey man is facing sexual assault and other charges related to his communications with a minor girl. The girl involved is reportedly 12 years old.

New Jersey police officer faces drunk driving charges

When the police come across an accident scene, they rarely encounter a situation where they need to arrest one of their own. However, a recent car accident resulted in just this occurrence for one police department. In this particular case, a New Jersey officer found himself being arrested for drunk driving rather than being the one making an arrest.

Undercover deal leads to drug charges for New Jersey men

Oftentimes, drug charges can come about as the result of an undercover investigation or deal. For two New Jersey men, an undercover purchase of crack cocaine led to their arrest by narcotics detectives. The two men are in their early twenties and now face several drug charges.

New Jersey man arrested on multiple gun and drug charges

When police perform a search during a drug investigation, issues may arise that can compromise the legal rights of the accused. Recently, a New Jersey man was arrested on gun and drug charges after police searched his home and a rented storage unit. As the accused prepares his criminal defense, he may wish to examine all of the evidence against him, as well as the procedures leading up to his arrest.

Men preparing criminal defense for New Jersey bike theft charges

A large number of bike thefts have been reported recently in Hoboken and Jersey City. The Hoboken Police Department rolled out their new Street Crimes Unit, and they decided that catching the bicycle thieves would be their first order of business. Within a few days, this unit arrested three men and recovered numerous bikes said to be stolen. These individuals are now likely focused on their criminal defense, as they face multiple charges stemming from their alleged involvement in a bike theft ring that encompasses New Jersey and New York.

New Jersey man preparing criminal defense to multiple charges

Criminal charges were brought in New Jersey against a 48-year-old Dover man recently. As part of the initial criminal defense proceedings, he pleaded not guilty to all accusations. He also pleaded not guilty to a homicide charge brought against him in a neighboring state.