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Man reportedly altered DWI crash scene

According to police, a New Jersey man poured water on the road in an attempt to cover up a drunk driving accident. He and a friend were both taken into custody on DUI charges. The man reportedly drove a black, 2001 BMW disobeyed a stop sign and struck a guardrail close to the intersection of Sawmill and Woodport roads. Following the accident, the driver allegedly drove the vehicle to his home nearby and returned to the accident scene in a friend's car.

single-car accidents and DWI convictions

On Feb. 4, a man crossed the center line of a divided New Jersey highway, drove off the other side of the road and crashed into a tree. Police at the scene said the man appeared disoriented. Galloway police charged the man with a DWI offense. Although no one was injured at the scene, recovering the man's car disrupted traffic for over 45 minutes.

DWI charges in New Jersey accident

A 47-year-old Atlantic Highlands woman is facing DWI charges after a crash in Wall Township. The Nov. 21 incident occurred at approximately 8:34 p.m. as she tried to move from Interstate 195 onto Route 34. She then reportedly collided with another vehicle.

Man charged for drunk driving after fatal crash

New Jersey police accused a man of driving while intoxicated after he was involved in a fatal collision with a tractor-trailer on Oct. 19. At approximately 4:09 a.m., reports indicate that the 24-year-old man slammed into the back of a truck in Woodbridge while driving a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta. The 25-year-old front-seat passenger in the accused man's vehicle was declared dead at the scene.

New Jersey man faces drunk driving charges after incident

When police are called to the scene of a crash, they may investigate whether alcohol or any other type of impairment was involved and whether to charge anyone with the commission of a crime. This was the case recently in New Jersey as police responded to a car accident. The incident ended with a man from Lafayette facing drunk driving charges.

New Jersey man facing DUI charge after cop injured in crash

Whenever the police are along the side of the road or conducting a traffic stop, it can be tricky to get around or avoid getting too close. Whenever a car does get too close, hitting the police car or even the officer can lead to serious consequences, especially if the police suspect there may be impairment involved. Recently, a New Jersey man found himself facing a DUI charge related to an incident that took place as an officer was in the midst of a traffic stop.

Man charged with drunk driving after New Jersey car wreck

When police respond to any situation pertaining to a car accident, there is the possibility that they will investigate a situation further, and charges can come about based on that investigation. If they respond and believe there was a crime committed, they may ask a driver to answer questions or comply with a field sobriety test or search. For one man, being involved in a single car crash in New Jersey has resulted in drunk driving charges along with other charges.

Drunk driving crash takes life and injures others in New Jersey

Whenever a serious car accident happens, there may be the need to investigate whether alcohol played a role in the incident. If a driver is charged with drunk driving after a car accident, the specifics regarding the collision can play a significant role in the severity of the charges that may be filed. A recent car accident in New Jersey resulted in a driver facing drunk driving charges and also in several injuries and a death.

New Jersey woman goes wrong way, faces drunk driving charge

Anytime a vehicle is going the wrong way down a road, there is a greater chance of accident and injuries for anyone coming or going. There may also be criminal charges involved when a car goes the wrong way down the road and an accident ensues. A New Jersey woman was driving the wrong way along a roadway and ended up being charged with drunk driving after an accident.

New Jersey bridge is scene of alleged DUI accident

Driving across a bridge at night can easily lead to an accident. However, if alcohol is involved, the likelihood of an accident may be increased. One woman in New Jersey recently wrecked on a bridge and now faces charges of DUI as a result.