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First offense DWI convictions can carry steep penalties

There is nothing wrong with going out and having a good time and enjoying a couple of drinks. However, if you get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, you could find yourself facing charges for driving while intoxicated if you get pulled over by the police.

Man reportedly altered DWI crash scene

According to police, a New Jersey man poured water on the road in an attempt to cover up a drunk driving accident. He and a friend were both taken into custody on DUI charges. The man reportedly drove a black, 2001 BMW disobeyed a stop sign and struck a guardrail close to the intersection of Sawmill and Woodport roads. Following the accident, the driver allegedly drove the vehicle to his home nearby and returned to the accident scene in a friend's car.

New Jersey politician accused of drunk driving

A local politician in New Jersey is facing drunk driving charges after a police officer pulled him over on Nov. 9. Reports did not indicate the amount of alcohol the man, who is currently serving his eighth term as the mayor of Lambertville, allegedly drank before driving.

New Jersey DUI penalties

Penalties for DUI convictions in New Jersey can be severe and may include jail time, mandatory alcohol education classes, community service, fines, loss of driving privileges and the required installation of an ignition interlock device. The severity of these penalties may be exacerbated for repeat DUI offenders and offenders whose blood alcohol content level higher was .10 percent or higher.

New Jersey man faces drunk driving charges after incident

When police are called to the scene of a crash, they may investigate whether alcohol or any other type of impairment was involved and whether to charge anyone with the commission of a crime. This was the case recently in New Jersey as police responded to a car accident. The incident ended with a man from Lafayette facing drunk driving charges.

New Jersey woman charged with drunk driving, child in car

Whenever people in a shopping plaza observe something out of sorts or a motorist that they think is not fully in control of a vehicle, it is not unusual for those observers to alert the police. Recently, shoppers in New Jersey did just that. They reportedly saw a woman who had apparently lost control of the vehicle she was operating. There was also a child in the car, and the woman is now facing charges that include drunk driving.

New Jersey woman goes wrong way, faces drunk driving charge

Anytime a vehicle is going the wrong way down a road, there is a greater chance of accident and injuries for anyone coming or going. There may also be criminal charges involved when a car goes the wrong way down the road and an accident ensues. A New Jersey woman was driving the wrong way along a roadway and ended up being charged with drunk driving after an accident.

Uncooperative New Jersey woman charged with drunk driving

Whenever someone is pulled over, how they interact with police can play a role in what happens and even what charges they may end up facing. A New Jersey patrolman recently charged a woman with a number of crimes, some based on her alleged actions after being pulled over. The woman is charged with drunk driving also.

Man arrested after drunk driving crash injures teens

Facing any kind of criminal charge can be a difficult time. However, when a drunk driving charge has been filed after people have been hurt in a car accident, the charge and the potential criminal consequences can be serious and affect many aspects of a person's life. A recent car accident in New Jersey led to a drunk driving charge and other charges against one of the drivers.

New Jersey drunk driving crash takes lives

Teens and young adults are statistically more prone to being involved in a car accident on the roadways, especially at night. If alcohol is suspected to be involved in an accident, the consequences can be devastating for anyone involved. Recently, a car accident in New Jersey ended tragically on a major highway, and a driver has been charged with drunk driving.