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NFL Player planning criminal defense after New Jersey bar fight

It is not all that uncommon to hear about a fight breaking out outside of a bar. However, when that fight is severe enough, one or more of the parties involved may need to think about their criminal defense options. For NFL player, Ausar Walcott of the Browns, a bar fight in New Jersey has led to some serious criminal charges.

New Jersey student faces juvenile charges of drug possession

The juvenile court system differs from the adult court system on many levels, including possible punishments and the long term effects charges may have on anyone found guilty in a court of law. However, there may still be serious consequences for people arrested on juvenile charges especially when it comes to any kind of drug charges. A New Jersey teen was recently arrested, as drugs were allegedly seen on him while he was at school.

New Jersey man faces multiple charges, including DUI

An accident that recently snarled traffic for about an hour and a half has led to multiple charges against a man. The New Jersey man involved is facing charges stemming from an alleged DUI crash. The 38-year-old man and his passenger all needed medical attention after the crash.

New Jersey rental car fire leads to drug charges

When police or firefighters come onto a scene, they may never know what they may come across. Recently, New Jersey police responded to the woods for a report of a fire only to discover that a rental car along a power line road was stuck and had burned. The discovery also later led them to the arrest of the person who rented the car. She is now facing drug charges in relation to the incident.

3 New Jersey men arrested on drug charges

What started out as being pulled over for driving without headlights turned into the arrest of a driver and his two occupants. The New Jersey officer who pulled the men over reportedly found more than he initially bargained for during the routine stop. The three have been arrested for drug charges and other crimes related to a gun found in the vehicle.

New Jersey man crafts criminal defense against threat allegations

One New Jersey man is preparing his criminal defense after being arrested for allegedly sending certain members of Facebook threatening messages. He has been charged with two counts of making terroristic threats, theft of services from State Police as well as four counts of harassment. Currently, other charges are pending in 21 other districts. He is likely currently assembling his criminal defense as he awaits the next step in jail with a $35,000 bond.

New Jersey man leaves bar fight, gets charged with a DWI

A New Jersey man is facing drunk driving charges after he allegedly fled a fight in a Chatham tavern. In addition to the DWI charge, he is facing several other charges since he was supposedly uncooperative with the police. He has since been released and is awaiting his court date.

Criminal investigation in another bully-suicide case

The tragic death of a Morristown High School student last Wednesday has police investigating whether bullying was a factor. According to sources, the freshman died in his home in Morris Township by hanging himself after school. If evidence shows that the teen was a victim of bullying and that the death was the result of bullying, the aggressors could face criminal charges.