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Man avoids state prison sentence with plea agreement

Once you have been charged with a crime, you may be faced with some difficult decisions. Your circumstances could dictate the manner in which you choose to defend yourself. As we have written on this blog, sometimes accepting a plea agreement could prove a beneficial criminal defense strategy.

The types of plea bargaining in criminal defense cases

An agreement between the defense and the prosecution in a criminal case that takes place out of court and offers benefits to both parties is called a plea deal. Generally, a defendant agrees to plead guilty to a charge or certain charges in exchange for leniency or some other concession from the prosecution. Many components can make up the plea bargaining process in New Jersey and other states.

The types of drug charges

There are a number of different drug-related charges that New Jersey residents could face should they be accused of having a certain amount of drugs in their possession. While the most common charges include possession or intent to distribute, a person can potentially be charged with both at the same time or for conspiring to possess or distribute illegal substances.

Police charge New Jersey teen for allegedly biting teacher

Law enforcement officers with the Vineland Police Department reported that a 16-year-old boy was charged after he allegedly bit a teacher on the arm. The incident happened on March 26 at the Creative Achievement Academy, a school located in Vineland.

12 alleged gang members accused of fraud, racketeering

On March 25, New Jersey authorities reported that 12 people who were believed to be involved in a gang were taken into custody. Authorities alleged that the gang was involved in two scams; one of these resulted in stolen identities, and the other resulted in the making of fake gift cards and debit cards.

Man charged with firearm offense

New Jersey gun owners may be interested in a controversial firearms case involving a legally-owned firearm. The incident occurred on Sept. 20, 2013 in North Brunswick. The subject of the case is now unable to secure stable employment as a result of what he believes to be a questionable arrest. At the time, the man was employed as a security guard for a company that transports money to banks.

Man faces drug charges after illegal U-turn

A New Jersey man was arrested on drug charges after a traffic stop in Wayne on March 7. The incident happened shortly after 2 a.m. Wayne Police said they were patrolling the area around Route 23 and North Leg Road when they observed a vehicle making an illegal U-turn. After pulling the vehicle over for a traffic stop, officers allegedly witnessed a male passenger shoving something down the rear of his pants.

The process of plea bargaining

People accused of committing crimes in New Jersey might benefit from understanding more about how plea bargains work. While some argue that defendants often agree to plea bargains out of ignorance or fear, there are several benefits to reaching a settlement agreement with the prosecution. Some of the common benefits defendants receive by reaching a plea bargain include avoiding the publicity and complications that come with trial, avoiding the stigma associated with some sentencing and receiving reduced sentencing.